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METAGENICS®  Unipro's Perfect Protein (Vanilla)
920 gr

METAGENICS® Unipro's Perfect Protein (Vanilla)

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UNIPRO’S PERFECT PROTEIN has the highest biological value of any known naturally-occurring protein. It features cross flow micro-filtered whey protein which naturally supplies branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) levels (25% of the protein is composed of BCAAs) and easy-to-absorb forms of amino acids (di-and tri-peptides), which may be excellent for absorption and nitrogen retention.* PERFECT PROTEIN is perfect for those who want a convenient way to increase their daily protein intake. Mix it with water; add it to your favorite food (it’s great with pancakes, oatmeal, chili, etc.); or mix it with fruit and juice to make a delicious, protein-fortified shake! PERFECT PROTEIN is the perfect choice! Perfect for athletes who demand the highest quality protein source available and increased branched-chain amino acid intake. Perfect for anyone who desires a fat-free protein source. Perfect for those who are lactose intolerant because it contains negligible lactose. Perfect for those who want convenience because it is easy to mix. What Makes PERFECT PROTEIN Different: Unique “cross flow micro-filtration” supplying higher levels of undenatured protein Highest biological value protein Naturally supplies branched chain amino acids (25% of protein) Specially pre-digested to contain di- and tri-peptides, which may help absorption* Low glycemic index Fat-free No artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners (no aspartame, no acesulfame K) Easy to use—it mixes easily

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